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Bad batch of PMP450I SMs?

Occasional Contributor

Bad batch of PMP450I SMs?

Yesterday we installed a new SM site, the SM links up, transfers data, then within 5 minutes the SM reverts to a red light and we lose all access to it.  Went through 4 radios before one stayed up.  Today is has happened 3 more times.  Eventually we get an SM to stay working at these sites.

 Is it possible there was a bad batch of PMP450i SMs shipped out?


Re: Bad batch of PMP450I SMs?

Anything is possible, but we haven't heard about any specific issues with recent shipments.


What model are you talking about?  


Do these radios come back online when you plug them back in, or are they then completely dead?


Have you opened a support ticket?  

Occasional Contributor

Re: Bad batch of PMP450I SMs?

The model is C050045C002A

They do NOT come back after they are replaced

I have not yet opened a support ticket.