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Uhhh.... Cracking PMP450 Housings?

Cambium Employee

Re: Uhhh.... Cracking PMP450 Housings?

I'm sorry about any confusion or experience with our support teams which was not positive. Sometimes, we need some additional information, etc to understand our customer issue. It is standard process to review a customer entitlement and we are constantly making exceptions once we discern a little more understanding of the problem. I've asked our Customer Care team to address the cracked housing situation under warranty for this RMA.

Super Contributor

Re: Uhhh.... Cracking PMP450 Housings?

I still have a handful of these on the bench that I haven't bothered with yet. And who knows how many were deployed and not noticed.


What would be most convenient is allowing us to buy some spare front covers and we can fix them ourselves. It's four torx screws and not very difficult. I've done several when we had donor cases from dead boards.


Just sayin.


Re: Uhhh.... Cracking PMP450 Housings?

I certainly wouldn't mind fixing them myself as opposed to waiting for the three week turn around on every radio we send in.

The first five we sent got a response of "No fault found". I was rather shocked, but then we got four of the five radios back and they were fixed? The fifth didn't find its way back for a few more weeks. 

I found several more radios on the network that have the same issue with the housing (we unfortunately apperently ordered in bulk when this manufacturing defect took place). I sent one in and again was informed that this wouldn't be fixed. After questioning that, it was updated to be covered. I sent it in and it arrived at Cambium four days ago and is still "under investigation". 

I'm glad Cambium is fixing these radios even though they're out of their warranty. It seems like there has to be a more efficient proccess for this though. The cost of shipping these radios in alone for instance seems like it would be comparable to buying and shipping just the front covers and letting us replace them ourselves. 


Re: Uhhh.... Cracking PMP450 Housings?

We have also had a number of these units showing stress cracks as well. Located in SE New Mexico.