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New Idea

For units with GPS receivers, I'd like to be able to run an NTP server on them. The intent would be to run it on a few units at varying locations around my network. A few of my Mikrotik routers pull NTP from a few of those sources. Those Mikrotik routers then provide NTP to everywhere else. That saves me from having to purchase or assemble a GPS-backed NTP server.

One piece of information that I think would be useful to have on the session status page for Canopy AP's would be the amount of time since the SU disconnected from that AP. I think it would be useful at a glance for troubleshooting, rather than having to dig into our snmp monitoring or cnmaestro.

Changes to home user account

Status: Under Consideration
by Chris_Bay a week ago - last edited a week ago

most of the large carriers allow end users to see very limited data about their modems.   


attached are some screen shots of some areas I'd like to see deleted from the home user account.  I'd like to set these up for customers to use, but i feel it gives them to much information to the point of a risk to our network via curious and mischievous end users.    


removing channel size, frequency, and frequency band information as well as management IP information, removing WAN side ARP table displaces, removing configure page, removing any information that a mischievous teen or young adult could use to harm network operations.       teenagers being killed frequently in their video games are good with google and don't need to let them have any further clue.  


that being said, customers being able to use the through put graph and see some other basic information would be great, and very helpful when someone has a saturated link and can be combined with a selfhelp page we make to allow the more tech savvy solve their own internal network issues.


attached are some edited pages i made for an example.   

Status: Under Consideration

Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. 

During the onboarding process when inputing device settings it would be so nice to be able to input a unique SSID and pass for that customer.


If not there than at least in the device overides (advanced) section?

Symbolic NTP hostname

Status: Under Consideration
by Daniel Gracia on ‎07-03-2017 02:28 AM

I would be nice to specify NTP servers by symbolic names (hostnames) in addition to IP numbers.

cnMaestro very much needs the ability to schedule software upgrades on APs and SMs.


cnMaestro makes batch software upgrades pretty simple already, but if I have to get out of bed at 4AM to push the button it doesn't happen.



Watchdog timer on ePMP 1000?

Status: Under Consideration
by staslabs on ‎06-15-2017 01:18 PM

Watchdog timer is very needed on ePMP 1000


is it possible?

LinkPlanner Network Map

Status: Under Consideration
by hux on ‎06-14-2017 09:08 PM

It would be great when producing the LinkPlanner reports if you could select to use the Google Maps image for the Network Map and Cover Page pictures, instead of the white squares.

SNMP OID for Downlink Frame Time %

Status: In Development
by jluthman on ‎01-06-2017 08:57 AM

The GUI shows a really nice percentage of time used in a percent value.  This is not provided via SNMP and would be a fantastic value to graph with our monitoring product.

Status: In Development

This is targeted for the next available release. 

CnMaestro e-mail or text alerts

Status: Under Consideration
by Kdrama on ‎01-09-2017 07:38 AM

CnMaestro works great for nodes organization, health and firmware upgrades. I am greatly impressed, but I have a suggestion to make. It will be nice to have e-mails alerts feature develop on CnMaestro, so you will get immediately notices when a node goes down. Perhaps, not all the time you are looking at CnMaestro or you are away from you computer but your phone text or e-mail alerts will alert you when nodes are experiencing problems.



It would be nice if there was a way for eDetect to find interferers that are not on the exact same channel as the ePMP SM, but are still causing interference - for example, we might have the ePMP on 5.745ghz, and the customer's router is on 5.765ghz, but eDetect will never see it, or even if the ePMP is on something like 5.77ghz. This is especially becoming more of a problem with a lot of the new AC routers defaulting to 80mhz wide channels.

Sign LINKPlanner Executables

Status: In Development
by Jeff Misener on ‎07-04-2017 07:33 AM

Could you please begin signing LINKPlanner code? Vouching for the authenticity of the application would increase customer confidence in this product.


Additionally, unsigned applications are a usability barrier under macOS, since Gatekeeper prevents unsigned applications from opening.


Status: In Development

cnMaestro: Change Alpha / numeric order display

Status: Under Consideration
by Chris-T ‎07-03-2017 08:29 PM - edited ‎07-03-2017 08:31 PM

Please change in cnMaestro the order Numbers are shown when sorting:


For exapmle I would like the following order:














etc etc


How it currently display:



cnMaestro: Add Registration count to Statistics > Wireless Display

Status: Under Consideration
by Chris-T ‎07-03-2017 08:22 PM - edited ‎07-03-2017 08:30 PM

Please allow the Statistics > Wireless Display to show Registration count if selected.


Reg count.PNG

Site sectors coverage on map in cnMaestro

Status: In Development
by lugamodder ‎11-15-2015 12:52 AM - edited ‎11-15-2015 01:00 AM

It would be great to see sectors coverage on map in cnMaestro management system,maybe  as  simple  overlay based on  preconfigured sector antenna angle.

Like  this:


Status: In Development

Hello, I noticed that CnMaestro lacks the Landing page function after successful guest login. The function is present within cnPilot standalone guest access management instead.

Landing pages are used to promote the service provider, and the self-promotion is a key function of free hotspots. Since almost every captive portal supplier has put that function in their products, I think it would be a good idea for Cambium Networks to do the same thing.

Status: In Development

It would be great if ePMP could add the option(s) for 30Mh and/or 25Mhz wide channels.


Several other brands have the optiion for 25 or 30Mhz channel widths, and it's a good way to conserve spectrum in situations where 100 Mbit of capacity is all that's needed, or all that's available.


There are several places where we have 100Mbit Ethernet coming in from other backhaul gear, or places where the POE/Switch limits us to 100 Mbit Ethernet - and in those locations, it would make sense to have the option to configure the Radio for 25 or 30Mhz wide channels - so that we're not being limited by 20 Mhz channels or so that we're not wasting spectrom with 40Mhz wide channels.

In short - ePMP should have a Radio config option between 20 & 40Mhz channel widths - specifically 30Mhz wide.



I am unable to access my four PTP250 radios because every single browser complains that the JAVA code is too insecure, and refuses to run it.   Efforts to try older versions and different browsers entirely, are failing with the same result.   The JAVA in Windows which the browser calls to, WILL NOT run the code on the radio, no matter which browser I use.   The error is the same each time.


I understand that cambium does not want to issue an update for the radios, but I am asking you to reconsider and push out an update ASAP so we can manage our networks without having to open ourselves to security risks by downgrading software to insecure versions.



3ghz EPMP options

Status: Not in Development Plan
by Chris_Bay on ‎12-01-2016 02:07 PM

noticed this mentioned a few times around the forum, and Todd recently asked as well, so i'll toss it here too. 



I'd love to see a 3ghz epmp variant!    


we've got plenty of old 320 gear, and the 450 is awesome, but doesn't meet our cost needs for that replacement.    the EPMP is on point, even if its 20% higher cost.  


This would be really handy for synced PTP options in nlos areas the 5ghz can't do, and isn't enough room on 2.4 




900mhz would also be nice!

Status: Not in Development Plan

this is not currently iin the roadmap, but we are always looking at new frequencies for the product line

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