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Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11

Occasional Contributor

Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11

The new virtual machine that I setup to run version 1.4.0-r11 is failing on the import of data from 1.3.0-r7. I have made several backups from the 1.3.0-r7 and all of them fail on import.


It says Uploaded 25% and then in red at the top it tells me failed to import.



Cambium Employee

Re: Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11



I had a similar issue with one of the customer last week and doing the below step resolved it


1. Unzipped the file “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz” using 7-zip tool.  
2. Inside the extracted folder rename the .tar file to .tar.gz (Eg: “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar” to “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz”)
3. Then import the renamed file “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz”.


I hope this chould work.


Please let us knwo if you are still facing the issue.


Sanjay Kumar

Occasional Contributor

Re: Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11

Extracting the file and then renaming the extracted file to tar.gz solved the issue. So there was one too many compressed tar wrappers around the file.


Thank you,


Community Manager

Re: Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11



THanks for reporting this issue.  It has been resolved in the next cnMaestro release, 1.5.0.