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Voip Hacking

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Voip Hacking

I am using cnPilot R201 Router + ATA for my customers.


If i put the WAN in PPPoE mode with direct public ip address on the router, the SIP account is hacked and someone call all around the world. I have changed password of router and Sip Account. I am using firmware 4.3.4-R8 but without success.


Anyone has the same experience? Any solution?



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Re: Voip Hacking

We have had exactly the same experience about 6 months ago with two customers the only one we used r201’s with in pppoe + ata and had two hacks hitting our fraud caps luckily, we changed the sip details, router login, changed web gui ports etc same happened again.
Moved to using Paton ata’s on the lan side.

Re: Voip Hacking



Refer below KB document of potential security considerations while putting the device in PPPoE/DHCP mode with direct public IP address.

Please make sure that user/ISP should change Non-default username/Password for different user types (Admin, Normal, and Basic) and READ/WRITE community string to non-default values in the router.