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Re: Force 190 and new software webinar

I'm not really seeing an issue with the 10/100 port on this device. It's not meant for backhaul, it's meant as a low-cost (and low shipping cost!) CPE radio. We don't typically offer anything over 30Mbps on shared sector APs - certainly not to residential users, where cost is a much more significant concern than with enterprise users.


Most of our sectors run TDD-GPS at 75/25 in a 20MHz channel - where the 100Mbps CPE port is a non-issue even on a perfect connection, and where we're running 40MHz it's typically shared across 10-30 CPEs.


You'll only really run into port speed issues when running these as a PTP pair, at which point you'd likely be able to justify the additional expense for Force200s - and if you want GPS sync, one end of your link is going to be an AP Lite with a parabolic anyway, throwing any F190 cost savings out the window...

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Re: Force 190 and new software webinar

Yes, I have to agree - I personally don't see a big issue with a 100 Mbit Ethernet on a customer CPE.

Also, remember that in Ethernet, 100 Mbit is full duplex - so 100 Mbit Ethernet is 100 MBit TX and 100 MBit RX at the same time.  In wireless, we'd call this 200 Mbit aggregate throughput.  So, even if your wireless connection is theoretically capable of 120 Mbit or 150 MBit, some of that is RX and some of that is TX and it's unlikely that a full duplex 100 Mbit Ethernet will be a real-world bottleneck. Certainly not in 99% of all customer CPE situations.


The way I look at it is this - for every 1000 Force 190's Cambium sells, 999 of them will likely be in customer CPE situations where QOS is set to 10Mbit or 25Mbit or 50Mbit something like that.

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Re: Force 190 and new software webinar



When will the Force 190 be available in LINKPlanner?  Downloaded the latest which was posted within LINKPlanners notifiication and there was no mention of the Force 190.


In the webinar it was said that in the next upcoming release In a couple days that it would be there.  Also, I checked with distributors such as Tessco and StreakWave and it is not available.


Any ideas?



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Re: Force 190 and new software webinar



The Force 190 will be in the V4.6.3 release of LINKPlanner which will be available in the next two weeks. Please watch the LINKPLanner forum for more information on this.