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how to update

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how to update

C050900C261A ePMP 5 GHz Force 200AR5-25 High Gain Radio


ePMP Release Notes v3.2.2
525.4 kB

ePMP Release Notes v3.2.2 in PDF format

ePMP User Guide Release v3.2.2
9.7 MB

ePMP User Guide v3.2.2 in PDF format

7.2 MB

Software bundle for ePMP GPS Synced Radio v3.2.2

6.7 MB

Software bundle for ePMP Non-GPS Synced Radio v3.2.2

14.0 MB
what specific file do i need to update my cambium force 200?

Re: how to update

Please use ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-v3.2.2.tar.gz file.


Thank you.

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Re: how to update

thank you!


i'l try this update

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Re: how to update

it works.


thanks a lot.



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Re: how to update

Easiest way to look at it is:

GPS antenna needs the GPS firmware. (APs 1000/2000 lite or full, force110ptp)


ePMP with no GPS needs nonGPS (this is Force 180, Force 200, integrated, etc)

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Re: how to update

It was the very first cambium we have deployed. Thanks Guys.