0 Unique Clients In Last 24 Hours: it will work after reboot

hi all, I have got an issue on 3 ap XV2-2, same configuration than the others 31. I always see “0 Unique Clients In Last 24 Hours” and that 3 ap really doesn’t work: it is ON and in SYNC. If I reboot then AP work again. ANY Ideas on how I can get it back to working properly?

Hi @LUK can you please confirm whether you are using onprem or cloud?

I’m using Cloud, thank

I try to start over.

cambium system in cloud, with x ap XV2-2 cloned, same firmware, everything works fine. it happens that sometimes an ap, even being on and in sync, no longer accepts clients.

if i restart ap, then it works fine again.

this problem almost always happens to the same ap, sometimes to new ap.

I cannot check every day on each ap if in the last 24 hours they have had client accesses or not.

Are you stating that after the AP has been operational for a while, and client connection suddenly halts ? and reboot fixes the issue( means clients are able to connect to the AP after reboot).

if so, can you please share the AP firmware version?

i don’t know exactly When every ap stops working. i realize it doesn’t work when i see one ap has no access in the last 24 hours. the version is 6.4.01 r3 for the whole system.