1+1 hot standby

How can PTP650 to preform the redundancy of 1+1 hot standby?

Hi PTP650 does not support 1+1 hot standby redundancy in the unit.
Our PTP800 and PTP810 products do support 1+1 redundancy configuration.

To use PTP650 in a redundant manner you will need to configure your IP network switches and routers to provide the redundancy switching


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1) With the PTP800, are there multiple "hot standby" configurations?

2) In our current configuration, it appears that the secondary transmitter does not transmit until  failover is required; is this considered a 1+1 hot standby?

Again, not fully understanding what is considered a "hot standby:"

3) Is the equipment designed so that in a 1+1 hot standby, the secondary transmitter is always transmitting (or is this just one optional way of doing the "hot standby" or not an option at all? 

Thanks for posting your questions.

A protection scheme of 1 + 1 means that one transceiver is active, and one transceiver is in standby. The advantage of 1 + 1 is that only one licensed frequency channel is needed. The primary transceiver is initially active, transmiting on the selected channel. If a fault is detected, the primary transceiver is muted and the secondary transceiver becomes active on the same channel. In PTP 800, a protection swich at one end of the link does not require a matching protection switch at the other end.

1 + 1 hot standby indicates that the standby unit is ready to take over at short notice, typically with an interruption of a few 10's of milliseconds.

A protection scheme of 2 + 0 means that two transceivers are active simultaneously. This requires two different licensed frequency channels. In the event of a failure in one transceiver, traffic is automatically redirected to the remaining working link. At this point capacity is reduced (normally halved). An advantage is that the operator gets value for money from the additional hardware. A disadvantage of 2 + 0 is that it might be difficult to convince frequency coordinators to grant two channels for the same link.

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Hello, Do you have any diagram or topology of 1+1 hot stand and 1+0 with PTP820 ??