1.6.0 r5 Onprem - Onboarding

The system doesn't always capture the unit SN - 

I performed a mass onboard of 50 units and the system only picked up 11 SNs - I don't know if this is a function of mass onboarding or not, but is there any way to update the SN in cnMaestro without having to delete and re-onboard?

I don't remember this happening with the previous version.

1.6r5 SN.PNG

Not very helpful as far as inventory goes.


Could you please tell us which unit you are facing problem, are this cnPilot E series or R series or ePMP/PMP?


Is there a specific type of device that is missing serial numbers vs devices that do display a serial number?

We only have vanilla 450s.

Both APs and SMs are missing the SNs.

As I mentioned of the 50 devices (4 APs and 46 SMs), only 11 units had their SNs picked up at onboarding.  Looking over the data, none of the APs were populated.  Previously, all SNs were picked up, but I never made a mass onboard as large as this.

The first time, I modified the AP and SMs from online to onpremise then onboarded the sector.  All SNs populated.

This time, since all the devices already had the cnMaestro info set up, they all presented to cnMaestro at the same time and I just did an "Approve All" function.  

S/N missing has nothing to do with mass onboard, they should be present in cnMaestro if devices are connected , we need to check if these devices really have strong MSN or not.

As the older 450s doesnt report MSN to cnMaestro. Can you please send the MSN of the device via private message (I can cross check our inventory if the device are old or new and has strong MSN or not)



Email sent.

Regardless of strength, all of the SNs had been previously imported into on-premises 1.5.1


Please don't misunderstand.  It's not that they were there and now they're gone.  I did not do an export/import from the previous version.  I performed a clean install of 1.6.0 r5 and subsequently onboarded the devices.  I'm looking at other parts of cnMaestro data to verify their accuracy.  So far it's not looking good.  I will make spearate posts as required.


The serial no you sent are not a strong serial no, so we dont display them in cnMaestro, all the latest devices follow min 12 characters.

Anything that starts with 606 is old format and the new format starts with M9 

Hope that helps..


No, actually it doesn't.

They used to be imported into cnMaestro before.  I didn't select the SNs.  I can't change the SNs.  The SNs are the SNs.  cnMaestro should just import what Cambium has elected to input into the SN field.  What kind of sense does this make?  It's a text field - Import the text field.

Hi Luis,

I understand the problem, let me check with my team on this one and we will try to bring the fix in 1.6.1 build.

In meanwhile can you confirm if you see the serial nos on the PMP device dashboard when you login radio.



Yes, the SN fields are populated on the devices dashboard.

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Hi Luis

We have identified the problem and it has to be fixed on the platform side.
So the next build of PMP shall have the fix and it will start sending serial no to cnMaestro.

Thanks for finding this bug.


That's great!  Thanks.

Now, if only I could get you guys to sort the AP (PMP450) Home/Session Status/Session Status List /Device, Session, Power, Configuratiion and Link Quality pages by Device Name instead of LUID

Sub Sort.PNG

as is currently being done on the Statistics/Data VC (Better)

Sub Sort VC.PNG

 or the Statistics/Throughput pages.  (One can sort by either, Best).

Sub Sort Throughput.PNG

Please standardize.

One can dream, no?

Thanks again.

Luis.... will forward the request to the PMP development team.