1.6.3-r15 Map issues, and some small things

Some notes on the MAP tab as it relates to PMP subscribers

- Ability to configure range attribute for sectors, is this pulled from the radios max-range settings? As we, for instance, have that set to 2 miles, but in, the reality we're trying to have coverage of 500meters to 1km due to our close sites, so on the map with the big huge sectors its.... really weird looking, maybe a way to override sector coverage size for the map?

- Not using information from radios for height seems like a missed opportunity. 

- Inability to export the map to KMZ seems like another huge missed opportunity, as being able to export all clients +  sector sprites to a kmz file and see it in google earth would be a great feature and i'm pretty sure theirs a javascript library to even handle kmz exports for sprites/positions 

- Zoom steps on map still seem to be quite large, is their any way to lower it, as using scroll wheel, or clicking the buttons seems to still make pretty big steps would be much better to have a smoother zoom (unless you let us export to kmz :))

- Ability to either disable the subscriber grouping when your zooming in would be nice.

- Ability to turn on "links" to show which AP a subscriber is on.

- When i click a tower theirs no way to tell visually which subscriber is on which AP

Dashboard Tab: 

Clicking a site doesn't have the ability to show sectors, or to show customers on the small map connected on that site? At moment the dashboard tab map for a tower seems ... un-useful


What is the difference between a site and a tower, I'm busy moving all my PMP AP's under towers, but I noticed theirs an option to add a site... but our sites are our towers... so... confused

And finally what does this mean, why isn't there a mouse over or something that says the repercussions of these "errors" or what this message means, theirs an exclamation mark but mousing over doesn't further explain as I originally thought it would



Thank you for your feedback.  I will forward these to the rest of the development team.  I also recommend posting you suggestions to the ideas section to give it further visibility.


Towers are containers for grouping ePMP/PMP AP devices.  Sites are containers for grouping WiFi devices.  Sites also allow uploading floorplan images which can be used to place devices on as a map.

When a device is onboarded with errors you can click the Summary link towards the right side of the row.  This will open a window listing the status of each step of the onboarding process, including what may have failed with additional details.