Anyone upgrade to 10.2 yet?

This release is only for the PMP 430 and PTP 100. There are a number of fixes for the PMP 430, most importantly the added support for the 5 MHz and 20 MHz channels. The only advantage to upgrading to v10.2 for the PTP 100 is the added support for VLAN Ingress Tagging. We have upgraded a couple of PTP 100 backhauls to v10.2, and so far have had no issues.

Ya I know its only for pmp430 and ptp100. Was interested in mainly how it’s working for the PTP100.

Did you notice any signal change or throughput differences?
Whats the quality of the link your running?..How much traffic?

We’ve only deployed for two links thus far just to test, and probably won’t roll out to our other PTP 100 links as there appears to be no reason “Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix”. Both PTP 100 links are 20 Mbps, and throughput is still averaging 14 Mbps aggregate.

As far I have noticed, there are only web interface changes!
I see no performance changes! Throughput and latency is the same! From our monitoring it seems that latency is about 0.2ms bigger! But that isn’t very important!