1000 PtP Cap

I have a link using ePMP1000 that is capping out at 110Mbps.  The link is on fw version 3.5.1, TDD PTP mode, 6.6 miles away, 61db, and link test are consistanly around 170Mbps.  Is anyone else using 1000's having this issue? 

What kind of test is giving you the 110mbps? Single connection TCP website speed test? If that's the case, then what you're seeing is normal. You'll want to use something like iperf or the Mikrotik BW test that can create multiple connections.

I am seeing this in our graphing and it coinsides with customer complaints.

@sherwoodj28 wrote:

I am seeing this in our graphing and it coinsides with customer complaints.

we need to see more details to help you if its have say 10% retransmissions, then you're full.   same situation if you're sitting at MCS13 for a large percentage of the time.  during peak traffic, your also at peak noise and its very possible to see different modulation rates based on time of day. 

back to the retransmission rates, the EPMP radios do the best they can to make sure packets are delivered, which with a large amount of retransmitted packets, you'll start to experience buffer pushback with flow control if its on, you can also end up with full frames with high retransmission rates. 

if you can, track your frame usage and bandwidth so you have a better idea of what you are running into. 

if your frame usage is sitting at 60 to 70%, you've got ample room and your bottleneck is elsewhere if your frames are sitting at 90% + its time to consider making changes to this link.   things like a larger dish to improve your SNR and MCS rate, aggregating another link, switch to PTP550 or Force300 etc. 

attached is the data we watch to decide when a AP or backhaul is full.  multiple APs are tracked on the same dashboards but you'll see the relationship between usage and frame usage. some get more speed while others less based on many factors.