100km backhaul link over sea water, is it feasible?

Hi all,

2 sites are 100km over sea water, LOS. Just used Simulation tool, using PTP 600 Series Lite Connectorized and Andrew Parabolic antenna, the result shows that Availability is over 99%. Anyone is running the same link in reality? Please share your comments, experiences about the feasibility.

Thanks in advance

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I have many 80-90 km links, but most of them are with BH10s and 20s. They are from hills to plain land. I dont have experience over water but if the two points are high enough so that the fresnel zones are also clear of water, you should be fine.

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Have you tried the link over sea? what is the result?

We need to connect two island for a distance of about 52 Kms. Pls suggest your idea. We need minimum of 50 Mbps


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