12.1 -> 13.1 timing change on PMP-100?

Has anyone here noticed if there is a timing change between 12.1 and 13.1.x software trains on PMP-100?

I did some upgrades a couple of my 900 MHz APs and wound up experiencing a domino effect with a bunch of sectors that were previously perfectly timed. Think ABCABC channel plan in a 6-sector cluster. I upgraded one "B" and the other "B" broke. This also happened with another tower, where A was facing the A another site.

I've opened a ticket with Cambium but the rep doesn't seem to understand what I'm talking about.

Has anybody else experienced this? Or knows if there's a timing change? Because it sure seems like it! I went through a few release notes and don't see anything of relevance.

What's your Frame calculator telling you? You should see a differance when you calculate frames on different firmware versions .... well , that's if Cambium made timing changes and actually rememberred to update the calculators :)

Unfortunately I only have FSK access points in the 5.7Ghz but can't really say that I experienced any issues when I went from 12.1 to 13.1.3.

Thanks for the reply. I checked the Frame Calculator and everything appears to be the same. Cambium tech support rep responded to me that he got an engineer to confirm that there IS a change between the versions that causes issues. Not sure how as the frame calc is dead on... but I guess we'll live with it.

Kinda wish that was plastered in bold red letters somewhere in release notes.