12.1 Firmware Timing failure on repeater sites

We upgraded our network from 11.2 to 12.1. After a few days/week we were receiving multiple calls from customers complaining about service interruptions and dropped sessions. We reviewed the AP’s in question thru Wireless Manager and viewed the sessions for all Sm’s on the AP. We had multiple AP’s with 400 to 800 session counts for all sm’s over a two day period. This was multiple sites where we have a CMM to an AP on Tower A to a SM on tower B then connected to a AP on tower B with a timing cable. The SM’s off tower B were the issue of mega sessions. In other words the timing or software buffer was not working with the AP on Auto Free Run. We tried to backoff tower B SM’s (no luck) The AP on Tower B backed off to 11.2 (no Luck) Then the SM bringing in service to Tower B to 11.2 (no luck) Backed off Tower A AP to 11.2 and Works beautiful.!!!

The software 12.1 fails when repeating timing thru a timing port to a SM /AP at a Edge site.
We backed off all AP/SM’s in our network from 12.1 to 11.2 and it all plays nice.
We have 135 AP’s and 1050 SM;s

Cambium needs to look at this issue in future releases. I have not tried 13.1.2 on the Pmp100 yet.
Double Dog Communications

Software release 12.1 had several issue with PMP 100 radios. As you have mentioned, at the time 12.1 was available for customers, we recommended them to go back to 11.2. We have now addressed those issue in the 13.1.2 software release for PMP 100.

You can obtain the software here : https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp100