120 & 90 degree antenna options for PMP 450

Any 3rd party options for the PMP 450?



Yes, there are many… some of my favorites are from RF Elements and KP Performance.

Thanks Eric. I was going to use the PMP 450 in 2.4GHz. I can’t put any 5 / 3GHz on that site. Do you have a model number(s) you would reccomend?

For PMP450 on 2.4GHz we actually prefer Cambium’s OEM sector antenna. Only downside is that it’s a bit on the big side… but that’s typically the trade off for any well built, high gain sector antennas the lower down the band you get. KP makes some good 2.4GHz antennas as well… I’d probably stick with what Cambium recommends and try to use dual-slant aka ±45deg polarized antennas.