120 android phones for one E400 access point

I have 120 clients that use Android phones.
they will carry out web-based exams using the cellphone.
Exam questions may be accompanied by pictures and sounds (MP3)
Is it possible for one E400 Access Point to be sufficient for all these clients ...?

are all those clients in the same room? If yes, how big is the room?

what type of Android phones will be used? do you know model, radio capabilities?

are there other networks in the same environment? 

Assuming all your Android phones are 1x1:1 and placed in the same room. Assuming consumption will be 1 Mbps per device. Theoretical 65 Mbps maximum is 30 Mbps TCP roughly. So for desired bandwidth 3,33% of airtime is needed. 

120 clients times 3,33% = 399,6% airtime utilization.

If every AP radio on single channel serves 100% of airtime, means you need 4 radios or 2 dual band Access Points. Probably more because AP normally doesn't utilize 100% of airtime, it's more like 70-80% .

So 399,6% / 80% = 5 radios

So basically you will need 3 dual band access points to serve those clients. 

That is assuming you will use 20 MHz channel, avoid co-channel and adjacent channel interference as much possible, having 5 GHz preferred for clients etc.

In other words 1 x E400 (or any other AP, whichever brand it is) will not be enough. But anyhow share more information on question above.

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