13.1.2 Upgrade Mistake?

Hey guys

I have a PMP450 tower that has some 430 radios on it running in interoperability mode.

I was running firmware version 12.2.2 and all was well. I upgraded my tower (the PMP450s) to 13.1.2 and noticed that the 450 firmware updated the 430 radios.

Everything continues to work, but I am wondering if I caused any issues by putting 450 software on 430 hardware or was this cross compatibility working as intended?

/please say something nice

Its not a mistake. It is supposed to do that. When you have 430 SMs connected to a 450 AP, interoperability kicks in. The 430 SMs are designed to upgrade using the 450 package and there will be no impact because of this. The only time you will have to use a 430 package is if your sector is not in interoperability mode, i.e. your AP is a 430 AP.

Hope that was something nice :slight_smile:

Also, I recommend you upgrade to 13.1.3 which is our most stable release, yet.