13.4 Config file color code import/export does not work as expected.

Moving this to it's own thread from 13.4 release thread to report possible bug or overlooked functionality...

I spent some more time with the config file and the problem with the color codes is two fold.

First it refuses to export anything but the "Color Code 1" field, which gets exported to the first entry in the config file.   It generates 9 skeleton entries along with this of 0 with priority 0 no matter what codes are entered in the Additional Color Codes table.

There seems to be no provision for importing more than 10 color codes with the config file, or backing up more than the "Color Code 1" field in an export.

Adding codes manually up to a maximum of 10 in the config file will work, and import them.  However, the first field cannot be anything but a priority of 1 or the file fails to import.  Presumably because this is tied to "Color Code 1" which can only be primary.

Adding more entries beyond the 9 generated skeleton entries in an exported file will also fail to import.  However, through the web GUI the color codes table functions properly up to a maximum of 19 additional codes plus "color code 1" as indicated in the documentation.

This unfortunately makes the config file functionality of no real use to me at this point, without the ability to properly import and export color codes.

I am seeing similar issues.  Would you be willing to open a support ticket and ask that it be forwarded to Dave S?  Then we can communicate directly about the issues and I can keep you posted directly on the progress.



With the radius problems I've seen mentioned in the "13.4 has big problems" thread along with the color code quirkyness said thread also claims, I have no intention of rolling out 13.4 on any more live radios or spending time testing it for deployment any further.  Our network uses color codes extensively so any quirks there will be a big problem.  My intention is to wait for the next release and hope it's more stable.  

I don't think a support ticket would be much use since all radios in our network will be remaining on 13.1.3 / 13.2 for fsk and ofdm devices respectively.

My suggestion is maybe your engineers overlooked adaptation of the config file functionality to the new color code scheme.  It seems like it's designed to function with the old color code system prior to the addition of the additional color codes table.


Config file export/import issue is fixed in 13.4.1 open beta.

Please try it out