13.4 + P8 FSK = bad juju

We did another couple groups of updates to 13.4 last night. On one sector we had a couple of very low volume users on P8 FSK. Both of them bricked.

Well, not exactly bricked. We should have updated them to newer hardware a long time ago, and since they were not heavy users, it really was not a priority item.

So we swapped them out today, and brought the P8 FSK back to the shop. Turns out you could bring them back to life if you default them. Cool I thought. However, as soon as you apply a "real" configuration, they revert to brick mode. No ethernet, no life. You can re-reset them and bring them back. So I defaulted one, and downgraded to 13.1.3, and all is well, or as well as a P8 can be.

Not real valuable, but if you have some old P8 FSK still running anywhere, I do not recommend you try 13.4 on them.

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We had this exact same situation happen as well today... P8 boards and 13.4 do not play nice.

I tried this on a P8 SM on the bench. If NAT is enabled, it will not boot.

This particular issue is fixed in 13.4.1 open beta released last week https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/beta Please try it out and let us know your feedback. No need to decrease NAT table size , in fact you can go up-to 8K size on P8 boards.

Not relevant any longer.

We removed all the remaining P8 SMs after we installed 13.4 anyway. 

We had to roll trucks & make a site visit anyway.