13.4: Site name can not include single quote '

I had a site that required a single quote like O'Hara. 

When I saved the change, the display stayed as "No Site Name", but did not give an error.

So I tried to put the site name in via the configuration file. When that configuration was applied, the GUI indicated that Site Name had an "error 1".

So I re-entered the name as "OHara", and it took.

So the GUI should indicate that the single quote (and possibly other characters) are not allowed, instead of passively going back to "No Site Name". Or maybe it could just drop the illegal characters.

This bug is still open? Hahaha

Cambium seems to have issues with single quotes/apostrophes. You can't enter them on 11.2, either, as I recall. And in Wireless Manager, a ' in a site name (like you mentioned, Irish or Klingon), made that item disappear from the tree until a certain patch. (I filed the bug on that one)

EDIT: Come to think of it I may be blowing smoke regarding 11.2. I think the instance I'm recalling is actually 13.2 on a PMP450