130k year in Iraq

From the Part-15 Discussion List. If I was single I’d be all over this.

Boka Dominigo [boka.dominigo@gmail.com]

Basic point of all the rambling below, I’m looking for a real swiss army knife kind of guy. Someone who given any problem and a bit of time can figure it out. Adaptability is the key.

I am looking for a site lead/network engineer who would be interested in working in Iraq. It’s a dual+ hatted sort of thing. You would be responsible for maintaing the network, manageing other employees (4 or 5 non westerners), growing sales, simple construction, working with electricity, etc…
A real swiss army knife of a job. There is office work and out in the dirt work. Each of our employees does many many different things so you need to be flexible and quick to learn and understand new things.
Pay is good (130k+). Room for growth in pay and responsibility if the person is up to it. safety is good (the locations are not particularly risky, I’ve been here 3+ years myself), and it’s a very challenging and interesting environment to work in, lots of good experience to be had. Perfect place for a younger guy to prove himself or and older guy to put his breadth of knowledge to work.

Requirements (non flexible):
(1) US Citizen
(2) Understand TCP/IP and basic subnetting/routing
(3) Mature and self sufficient. Able to maintain focus and drive without supervision

(1) MikroTik Experience
(2) Cisco CCNA/CCNP
(3) Wireless experience

This isn’t a “I’m just filling a position” job. We’re a small company, everyone is expected to care, accomplish, and be proactive. This is not a cowboy job.
You won’t have a weapon. You won’t be shot at. This is also not a desk job, you will get dirty.

Bottom line, I need someone who can get the job done, whatever that job is, no excuses.

What we do: We provide internet access to thousands of foreigners (soldiers, contractors, private security, etc…) from a wide variety of countries around military bases in the Middle East. We are soon branching in to VoIP service as well.

We need one guy ‘yesterday’ and another soon based contigent upon an unfinished contract being signed. You would need to be able to relocate within a week or two.

Send a direct e-mail if interested.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
If I was single I'd be all over this.

Unfortunately I'm not US citizen :)

our “Swiss army knife” guy just tendered his resignation. so were looking for a new one. they are few and far inbetween.

Are you still looking for hire some one.

Contact Boka Dominigo [boka.dominigo@gmail.com]

That sounds awesome, im in the same boat as jerry, wishing i was single. Or if my son was about 10 or older, id just go and take him.

one of the few times i would like to be an american :lol: sounds like an adventure