14.1.1 Upgrade bug?

We've noticed that a few of our APs on the network will take the upgrade from 13.4 to 14.1.1 with no apparent issue, but when then the AP will not regain it's subscribers at all. In these cases we've had to go back and down grade the AP back to 13.4. Later we go back and do the upgrade again, and it works properly the second time. 

We were wondering if this is a known issue with 14.1.1. or what. 

You have upgraded the SM's before the AP?

Yes, all of the SM's were done ahead of time in preperation for the AP updates. 

Had this problem as well in 4 of our ~200 Aps last week

Found out if you downgrade to 13.4 then upgrade to 14.1.1 you get the subscribers back

Also, just reboot the AP from the cnut updater if it hangs at 75% after upgrading to 14.1.1 and it comes back allowing customers to register

Opened a support ticket to track this issue, of course it went no where

What is the ticket number?  I am discouraged by the statement "of course it went nowhere".  

Sounds like a less-than-satisfactory response to your issue.  I would like to track this down internally to see where we can make improvements. 

Customer support is of the utmost importance to us.

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