14.2 channel selection bug

When you enable the 30 mhz channels on the SMs while it is has 20mhz channels enabled it de-selects channel 5480.

5480 is a 20 mhz only channel, but i guess the firmware treats it like a 10mhz channel

Might want to fix this before it spreads fear and panic similar to what we just experienced :D

I recommended that you start a trouble ticket directly with Cambium tech support. It may be looked at faster than in the user forum.

Isn't 5480 a DFS frequency? 30MHz channels are not available for PMP450 on DFS channels yet.


Correct. its a 20mhz channel

But if I am using a 20mhz channel on 14.1.2 when I upgrade to 14.2 and enable the 30 mhz channels as well...

5 mhz off

10 mhz off

15 mhz off

20 mhz on

30 mhz on

It turns off the "red" 20 mhz channels even though 20 and 30 mhz channels are clearly on.

For some reason enabling the 30 mhz channel de-selects 20 mhz channels only. Not sure why.