15.0.3 and 15.1.1 450 gps sync issue

I keep having several 450 ap's switch from power port gps source to onbard gps source sync. However its not losing sync on the power port ap is still showing its has sync there.

what would be causing ap's to switch from power port to onboard sync?

fsk ap's using the same sync source are having the issue only 450 ap's

 The "Auto Sync" feature will move to a known good sync source.  Are you experiencing service interruptions or issues?  

If you are just curious why this might be happening, I will request engineering to comment.

I'm more curious to why this happening as the problem started once we went to 15.1.1 beta had some issues. rolled back to 15.03 and now half of our 450's keep rolling to onboard sync while the other hold sync over power through sync injectors from packetflux.

so can i get someone to look why this is happening?

I didn't understand if this is causing you interruptions in sevice, or if it's just a curiousity.

Packetflux is a third party device, and while we recognize the value in having ecosystem partners like them, we haven't confirmed or validated these devices with the latest software.

well we had 0 issues with 450 ap's chaning sync source unti we tried 15.1.1 firmware. before that date they always used gps sync though sync injector. once we updated after being on for couple hours units would roll to internal gps. even though they never lost gps sync pulse on the power port. 

I want to know why this is happening becuase we have 450's Ap's that are stacked so some units don't have a clear view of the sky and could cause us issues.  

Would it be possible to get a CNUT capture the next time it happens?  This may help us to see why the AP is switching to the internal GPS sync source.

ill see what i can do. ill have to reboot some units  so they switch back to power port gps