15.1 Issue

I have a 450i AP that had about 40 sms on it 8 of which were 430. I upgraded it to 15.1 and the 430 SMs upgraded to 15.1 as well but, they will not connect to the AP anymore?

Sorry to hear this... we certainly tested this scenario, and did not see this issue while testing.  Have you opened a support ticket?

Did you notice any setting changes in the AP that might be preventing registration?

Since the 430's are not connected, how did you verify that they were updated to 15.1, from CNUT logs?

I will ask engineering and internal system test to see if we have ever seen anything like this.

When they go into the registering state they show in the AP as 15.1, I haven't opened a support ticket.

I confirmed we tested this scenario and did not see issues.  We'll need to gather CNUT captures and diagnostics to help determine what's going on.  Please open a ticket with support, and the guys will dig in.

Ok I will get the captures when I get back to the office… I am headed to downgrade those Sms now…