16 port CMM?

I’ve heard rumors of the CMM4 coming out by haven’t heard anything back from Motorola. Anyone know anything or using any other products right now to add additional manageable ports for a tower? We have one location with a 6AP cluster and 4 backhauls on the tower, I’d like to be able to reset the power to an BH and even take advantage of the port based VLAN cabibilities of the CMMmicro if necessary without spending the money on a new CMM.

ATE Research makes Mini-GPS2 which is a 16-port solution. I just installed one last week and it’s working like a charm.

Got a link?


It's not a full CMM, it supplies GPS via the RJ11 (16 ports off one GPS antenna though)

This could be a bit kludgey. A better solution for power to the radios needs to be developed. Found this though:

http://www.unicomlink.com/products/netw ... nt/poe.asp

Problem is that I don't think Canopy follows the 802.3af standard.

By the time all this is worked out, a second CMMmicro could be installed and it's done.

You’re absolutely right, Canopy isn’t IEEE 802.3af compliant. In my opinion this is the biggest downfall of Canopy. Hopefully they’ll fix it some day. There are so many good POE switches on the market that i’d love to use…

I don’t know how many ports it will have, but it will have proper 802.1q capabilities, support for spanning tree…

pcpolo, send me an email about more ports.