not accessible when vlan enabled.

The current build v2.2 can not be accessed on the lan side by if you enable vlan support. (V2.1 was ok.)
Any suggestions on how to access unit now?
I haven’t noticed any other bugs yet. Keep up the good work.


Thank you. We’re glad ePMP is working well for you.

Regarding your issue, can you please provide a little bit more information:
1. Is this on the SM or AP?
2. If SM, do you have the SM in Bridge or NAT mode?
3. What kind of VLAN have you enabled ex: Management, Data or Membership?

Hi Guys

1. sm mode. I havent tried with an ap at this stage.
2. Bridge
3. Management = vlan# 1000
User = vlan# 10

The sm’s were accessible via ver2.1


Hi Michael,

As a security measure, when Management VLAN is enabled on the SM, it can only be accessed on the Management VLAN subnet and only from the wireless side. We are trying to include an option to turn off this security so operators can access it from the LAN side as well. However, you should be able to access the radio using We will try to reproduce the issue internally and get back to you.


It becomes a problem when bench configuring and testing. You can’t double check the config after a save and reboot, before deploying it. The old canopy units had an override plug to allow access from the LAN.
I would be happy with LAN access to
I dont see any need whatsoever for access to from the radio side in a PMP network, but I could stand to be corrected here. It could raise the question as to which radio in a PMP network you are actually accessing!! is always accessible from the LAN side regardless of the VLAN configuration. However we may have a bug Release 2.2 where with Data VLAN enabled, is not accessible from the LAN side. In your post above where you say “User = vlan# 10”, did you mean Data VLAN on the SM was set to 10?

management vlan on sm = 1000
data vlan on SM = 10 not accessible vlan the LAN

It has only stopped working with V2.2
Just a bug.