18446744073710000000 packets. Can't be right... can it ?

I searched the fourms and not finding anything on this. Is this another GUI Glitch or known issue ? Pic attached.

This AP (2000 AP and all N clients running 3.5.6)  was rebooted 20 hours ago. Those are some seemingly pretty unlikely numbers on the Monitor > Performance > Subscriber Module Statistics.  I haven't done the math but I'm thinking they aren't possible / real.

I looked at the other AP's on the same tower and I couple of other towers, AP's that have been up for months, nothing with numbers like these.

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I'm seeing that number over and over again, but we only see it as the "Ethernet Statistics - Received" Packet error count, on multiple APs. Resetting stats gets it back to normal for a bit, but eventually it may go right back up to it. The weird thing about it is that this symptom just started within the last few weeks...


I have a feeling that we fixed it although can't confirm in which exact firmware.

dshea, what is the firmware you have? Based on the Kbits on the screenshots it is something relatively old.



Dmitry, not really old... I have seen that number on some 3.1 APs, but the one I grabbed that screenshot from is running 3.5.6, which I was under the impression was the latest, stable, N-only firmware.