2.4, 5.2 or 5.7 ?

We are looking at connecting a few buildings together. We have a Frac T3 in our building and we want to connect the other buildings in our complex so they can get internet access.

I have used the 2.4 canopy for a short range project only 1500ft. used 1 AP and 2 SM’s it worked good.

I need bandwidth. What is the best and what is the difference in the 2.4, 5.2 and 5.7 canopy, They all seem to get the same bandwidth.

Thanks in advance.

If you want 14mbps (real) use advantage.
2.4 5.2 5.7 all have same bandwith. You have to decide frec. based on noise floor on each building you want to connect.

i would recommond the 5.7.

5.2ghz is limited by range, 2.5 miles (in the states you cant use a dish with it)

2.4ghz is much more common free band.

I would always recommond running a few spectrum tests to see what kinda interference you could expect or what band would perfom the best.

if it is just broadcasting 1 building to another I would go with at least some 20 mbs backhauls…Im not 100% sure what kinda performance (real) you could expect out of a 20meg backhaul.

Do the buildings have line of sight to eachother?

whats the distance?

The buildings are all close and I can see all of then from my roof top.
The furthest one is .5 mile.


Use advantage APs and SMs. Use reflector dishes for SMs to get 2x mode. 5.7 with reflector dish seem logical choice to me. Consider the pps limit for SM wich is 300.