2.4 containerized/synced epmp AP's. When I disable the "automatic channel selection" gets an error

I am attempting to configure 2.4 containerized/synced epmp as AP's. When I disable the "automatic channel selection"  and save I get an error "Configuration save failed.

Configuration->Radio->Alternate Frequency Carrier 1:
Add record with proper values

Configuration->Radio->Alternate Frequency Carrier 2:
Add record with proper values"

But the Alternate Frequency Carrier 1 and 2 fields are grayed out and not configurable. I must be missing something but not sure what. Any ideas?

Connectorized, not containerized

Can you set the radio to enable ACS, and then set alt frequency carrier 1 and 2 to 'none', then save, then disable ACS again, then save and reboot? If all that doesn't work, you may just have to reset to factory defaults and reconfigure the radio.


As long as ACS is enabled alt freq carrier 1 and 2 are not available. That field only shows up when you disable ACS. I have tried reseting to factory defaults and starting over. I have tried multiple radios. I am using 2.6.1 firmware.

NM. Figured this out. I had to disable the ACS and save, then change the freq and save, then change the freq reuse and save.

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Hi Sean,

What FW version is installed on that radio?

Most simple way to solve the issue:

1. Download Configuration file in Text format.

2. Reset device to default.

3. Delete values for parameters:



4. Verify that they have format:

"dfsAlternative1CenterFrequency":    ""

"dfsAlternative2CenterFrequency":    ""

5. Upload configuration to device.

Thank you.