2.4 Feedback/Opinions Please

Howdy all,
Newbie here, glad to see a forum about this product!
We have committed to 3 2.4 towers for our rural community, to be honest some of the posts are starting to make me think (scary thought)!

We are near Houston (on the Gulf Cost) with lots of hardwood trees. Could I get some feed back or thoughts on the 2.4 please? :smiley:

I know what the marketing numbers are, what should we expect in the real world? :?:

Our phase two was deploying 900, from some of the posts I have seen looks like I am glad we are not initially going with 900 :shock:

Thanks in advance for your comments!

In a high foliage environment I don’t think that the 2.4 will be a better choice than the 900. If the 900 is set up right it works very well.

Before you deploy any radios, you might consider doing an RF specturm analysis of the area you will be operating in. You may find that the frequency you are going to be operating at is already being used.

We are running 5700’s, 2400’s, and 900’s.

The 5700’s can’t get through ANY foliage - not even a little in the fringe of the Fresnel zone.

The 2400’s can get through limited foliage as long as you are not too far out. Oviously as distance increases the about of foliage you can get through decreases.

The 900’s are the most forgiving but you do need to pay attention to the polarity of the antenna. The issues you are reading about with the 900’s may be due to interference from other radios in the area.

Get the RF analysis done. The results may determine the radio selection for you.

Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications.

The 900 SU’s are a little out there on price at the moment for our rural market, we are looking at 900 6 tp 12 months down the road once prices start to drop. Motorola ia not giving BearCom (our distributor) much of a price break on 900 SU’s. We actully have more “noise” in the 900 band than the 2.4 range (chemical plants, after BearCom did an analysis in our area).

If we peek over trees in our outer area with a parabolic, do you think that would help?

TIA and BTW I really appreciate the feedback! :smiley:

I have one customer at ~2.8 miles through some light foliage and it works pretty well. No reflector.

I have another at about 3 miles with some foliage just inside the fresnel zone and so far no complaints. No reflector.

Reflectors definately make a difference, but when I can get away with not using them I do.


Thanks Jerry!

our experience with 2.4 is if you can see light through the stand of trees, it will probably work a mile or so. If you can’t see any light coming through the stand, you’re sunk. 900 is a little more forgiving. It does seem with each band that a longer distance from the sm to the trees helps a lot. If the tree line is 1’4 to 1’2 mile away it still works pretty well. If you are right up against the stand of trees, it’s bad news

Thanks MD.