2.4 GHz Connectorized


Check out that link. 2.4 GHz connectorized? Has anyone seen anything like this? Thought it was just 900 MHz?

These units have been modified. They were not built by Motorola with the coax pigtail.

Has anyone ever done this (put a pigtail on a 2.4)

I know it would void the FCC aprovals of the SM but I have a problem where I am possiably seeing multiple re-registrations due to interferance from an unknown device in the area of the SM.

My thinking is an antenna with less than the 60 degree patern of the SM may help in 2 ways.

1 it may not be looking at the interfearing signal if it is outside the patern

2 The received signal may have a better signal to noise ratio due to a stronger signal.

I know that there is a Canopy Reflector but it will not be allowed on the tower, I can install any 2.4 ghz 1 to 2 foot panel or dish, just not the grafted to a satelite TV dish that motorola can provide as the mounting hardare is not up to commercial standards for tower mounting.

Please visit our website @ www.lastmilegear.com and you will see a wide selection of FCC approved 2.4 Canopy/Cyclone with 2 thru 6 foot RadioWaves parabolic dishes.

We have been using the connectorized 2.4 for some time. I would suggest using FDDI Systems. I have used a couple of vendors for their connectorized versions and have found these guys to be at the top. They also will stand by the product after the sale. They also sale another cool product called the Mini-GPS2 unit which will allow you to connect up to 16 Canopy products and your own switch instead of using the one built into the CMM micro unit.


FDDI adds a pigtail to an existing module for $250 last mile puts it in a nice case for $750 more we have used both and like both