2.4 Migrating to HWS

I have switched out 5 of my towers that were running Software Scheduling AP’S with new P10 HWS AP’s. I have done this with no issues about 400 users or so. On all these towers we used P10 boards running 8.1.5 with NO issues all customers worked great even the ones where I had to use CNUT to make the HWS.

So now we think we have this down to an art and then this happens.

I have a tower with 4 AP’s on it about 100 users on the 4 aps. I switched all the AP’s to new APS with HWS. 3 were P10 and 1 was P9. All users came back on the 3 AP’s fine, the 4th AP the P9 one not all came back. So I thought I goofed using the CNUT toll on the P8 Sm’s? So I sent a tech in the filed and he looked at the SM, looked fine. Then he changed the SM to a P10 running HWS and couldn’t see the AP in alignment mode, like it dissappeard? I have 6 customers whom this happened to all on this 1 AP? Are there any issues with P9 running 8.1x firmware? I am about ready to buy a new P10 AP and see what happens?


8.1.x had know issues which 8.2.2 largely corrected.

Moto recognizes that 8.2.2 is still not as stable as 7.3.6 but it’s close.

there is a known bug, although low instance, where an AP will report IDLE but the SM will report registered. when you said the SM looked fine - did it show registered? Did rebooting the AP (the 4th one) help?

When we have APs colocated like that I tend to reboot the entire site at the same time.