2.4 polarization

to date what options are there for changing the polarization other than the beehives and stingers? Ideally a connectorized solution.

I thought I had found it, I was looking at a vendors site and there were some low power canopy units that were connectorized, they were only 4mb units as it turned out so they wouldnt have solved anything really, but after talking to the vendor they dont have them anymore so its moot.

anyway, the best price ive found for connectorizing units is 300 bucks a pop, but adding that cost back on eliminates the appeal.

There are some slick 2.4 yagis I liked and wanted to use, but since I cant seem to find a cost effective connectorized solution its useless to look at them.

does anybody have a good solution (connectorized)

it there a drawback to hpol with canopy (ie would it affect timing, air delay calculations, etc?)

You looking at connectorized SMs or APs?

You could always use a Beehive test adapter. Virtual connectorization that slides on the SM like a stinger. Granted you’ll lose 2db over a good connectorization job, but it allows you to keep using off the shelf Canopy units.

we would pay the fee to connectorize the APs, but its too much at 300 bucks for SMs. I would prefer to stay away from the beehives and stingers

Wireless Units
Wireless Surplus

all ~100ea to connectorize

However you may find that 2.4GHz H-POL SuperStingers from Wireless Beehive will do the job.

Getting the SM connectorized would have little benefit unless you are trying to dodge noise… keep in mind FSK on 2.4 does not like physical obstacles. and a lot of wi-fi and phone devices are vertical but with horrible antennas so using horizontal over vertical may not help the problem… turn your 2.4 sm sideways and take a spec reading and see if it really helps 1st.

Connectorize your AP