2.4 SM Calibration Problem

We just received a 100 lot of new standard 2.4 SM’s not to long ago. When doing installs we noticed that they all have around 10dbm worse signal then our previous 100 lot. They will read like -80 on SM side of link and -70 on AP side. Were they not calibrated right? Should they be returned?

We document install signal strength in our user database on all installs. Documenting an install at -80 just looks bad.


are they all the same software verson… we noticed a change in power from V8 software to 9.5, radios at 75 started reporting at 70 for some reason. you can always put the default plug in the radio and check the calibration data against one of your other radios and see.

if the links at 80db and running good, it really doesn’t matter, we have plenty of links over 80 on 900 that never has any issues