2.4 stops responding after a few mintues

we have a strange problem going on. we have a few customers using 2.4 and after a few minutes the internet will not respond, you can’t ping or anything.

they have been fine for months now, now all of a sudden this is happening. to get it to work you have to log off ‘pppoe’ then log back on. then it is fine for a few minutes.

nothing has changed on the tower, or our pppoe server.

any ideas would be great.

most of them are in the -60-70db range.

we have customers on the same tower using 900 with no problems at all.

the noise floor looks good.

What Firmware ver. are you running?

well after i went out to take at look for myself i noticed something. the customers who had problems had a pretty bad los. also i could ping small packets but when i ping anything over 1000 it would drop, also loading image intensive web-site it would crash faster.

now the customers where the tower was visible on their roof were just fine.

this is only a guess but…

with the trees, leaves growing in now, could that cause the problems? these were installed over the winter with no leaves at all. now there are leaves growing in and now there is a problem. i wasn’t fully aware of the LOS until i got there today.

2.4 is a line of sight frequency.

We’ve done non-line of sight up to about a mile, but after that it goes downhill really fast. I would say foliage is definitely going to be a problem.

Do these installs already have dishes?

Installs done in the winter can be problematic in the spring. I’ve seen some installs done that were fine in the winter but due to some trees in the near or far end of the Fresnel zone that did not have leaves on them at the time of install but did in the spring. These links became unstable.

900MHz is less affected by foliage in the Fresnel zone so you may not see as much of a problem on customers that are using that portion of the system.

What are your link tests like?