2.4Ghz 450 APs not responding after power outage


I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this. After our APC ups had a power failure during a thunderstorm, I had to reset the UPS to restore power to the site. It as 3 sectors of 5Ghz 450 and 3 of 2.4 450 all powered and synced from a CMM3. The 5Ghz came back up no problem but the 2.4s did not. They are still broadcasting and passing traffic like normal. I have full ethernet link on all 3 but cannot ping them when plugged directly into it with a POE injector to make sure it was not the CMM3.  Also trie d Accessing them from the RF side with no luck. Also checked to see if the IP had defaulted to which was not the case.  Any Ideas besides climbing up there with a default plug to see if they will go to default? I find it strange how only the 2.4 APs did this. They are running 14.1.2 (build 10). 


Thank you for reporting the issue.

This is not known issue, you can try hard power reset.

If this does not help, then use default plug.


Yes, i tried several Hard resets. We are  climbing the tower today to try the default plug. I will let you know what i find. 

I figured it out now. Looks like someone had changed the IPs but not rebooted it so after the power loss, It changed the IP. Now i just have to figure out who did it and why. LOL. 

Thanks for the reply though.

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Glad to see you figured out the issue!

We have read only account feature, those user can’t change anything on AP. You may wish to use that and keep read write used account with yourself.