2.4ghz epmp 2000?

We are looking at moving to Cambium and the 2000 looks like it would fit well in our network particularly some of the site where a 450 can't be justified.  The problem is many of our areas are well  treed making 5ghz is useless.  Is there any plans to release 2.4ghz version of the 2000?

Not sure how much better 1000 would be then what we have now in terms of interference rejection, particularly from the 40 routers I can see on a scan!  In most of the case it is the uplink that has the issue and this degrades the down link.

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We currently have no plans for a 2.4 GHz version of the ePMP 2000, but we have received plenty of interest in it via the community forum. We regularly review suggestions from the community and will let you know of any future developments in this area.



Please give us a 2.4 ePMP 2000 AP! We like using the 1000 but the added benifits of the 2000 would be a great fit

I'd urge you to go ahead and try ePMP on 2.4GHz, even without the features of the 2000, it performs very very well IMHO. There are also numerous success stories in the forums here of people using ePMP on 2.4. We're in the process of converting all of our 2.4GHz PMP100 over to ePMP and it's going very well.

There are a number of technical reasons (which are addressed in the forum) regarding why there would be little to no gain in performance using the 2000 on 2.4GHz. That being said, there might be some gains to be had using the beam steering antenna (BSA). Ultimately, I don't think people would want to pay for the BSA for the small gains it would provide when not coupled with the features of the 2000.