2.4Ghz outdoor phone system

We have a tower within 1km of a guy with a 900Mhz phone system. We of course didn’t know about it using spectrum analysis from the ground but at the 270’ level it is strong enough to knock most of our inbound performance off.

So I’m looking for a reasonably priced 2.4Ghz outdoor phone system that can handle at least eight lines and at least eight wireless phones and forward between them if necessary. Panasonic has a nice indoor system that handles four lines but I haven’t seen if it does more than that. Since I’m paying for someone else’s phone system, I don’t want to spend boss dollars here.

They’re currently using a SpectraLink system. Never heard of them before and now that I have, I’m outraged at the cost of it. Up to $900 CDN per handset?! Who do they think they’re kidding! Of course, their phone support guy is trying to get us to use a 2.4Ghz Spectralink system because “he can support it,” and that just ain’t going to happen.

Any thoughts?

Wow, you might juts be my savior! First, check out smarthome.com for some options. Look into the Panasonic 824 system for a starting point. It is a phone system that will run any standard pone, plus digital ones, and has the features you mentioned. oh, and you can get a reseller account through them to save more cash (unless being in Canada stops that).

Next, I’m having a very simalar problem. Can you explain a little bit about how you found the phone system, what it looked line on hte 900 spectrum analyser, what the DB measurement was, the width of the singnal?

Ours is centered around 910, about 8 MHz wide, and I’m getting a -50 DB. We are at 270 and 290 ft. It is very intermitant, and I’ve spent about 3 weeks looking for it, 4 solid days.

Thanks for any help.

Ours was within a kilometer of the tower. From the ground there was a -97 signal (off the scale basically) which we were not concerned about. From the tower, it’s -60s and went from 902-928. We managed to get their system to get out of the middle of the range and use the other two ends, but we have a cluster of six 900s on our tower, so this still affects 906 and 924 very strongly. Surprisingly, it won’t kick clients offline, it just mangles their outbound performance.

We found it when we went to the site (5.7G customer at 1km) and they were complaining about their phones not working right! We had been driving out to check paging towers and local competitors, etc. and never thought to look so close to our tower.

Thank you for the information, I will look it up. And anyone considering Spectralink, look elsewhere… $900 CDN per handset? Maybe if it had a gold facade accented with diamonds.