2 APs, No CMM

If I had 2 APs collocated in the 5.2 range but on separate frequencies could I get away without using a CMM? Has anybody done this successfully?

You may get it to work with one at CH1 and the other at CH6 however it’s really not good practice.

Better to add a PacketFlux SyncPipe.

Or, if these radios are being fed from another PoP, carry the sync from the SM to the two AP’s.

well we did that once and it was a 5.2 and 5.4 AP, but the status was negative since both APs were configured to generate sync. but when one was set to generate sync and the other to receive sync they were working fine. we later found out that it was the surge suppressor that was given the problem. so i think it will work without CMM but keep watch for those surge since they can go faulty and cause more problems for you

Gerald, what was providing sync to the AP that was set to “receive sync”?

Dear ais3101, in this situation is not necessary to use a CMM module, you can use a RJ11 (6 pins) to syncronize the 2 aps, in the jacks you only mut to conect cable 4 and 6 (I believe, pls check it).-

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SiDnEy! :arrow:

There is more to it than just tying pins together.

You may be able to set one to Generate Sync and the other to Receive Sync on the Timing Port. I have not verified if the sync pulse is present on the RJ11 port when an AP is set to Generate Sync but I suspect that it is there.

The sync pins are 1, 2, 3, 6. Tie them together pin to pin using 6-pin RJ11’s and see if the second AP is receiving sync. This would put the two AP’s in sync with each other, but not in sync with any other AP’s nearby.

If there are other AP’s nearby, then it is strongly recommended that you sync the new AP’s to the existing AP’s. There have been many discussion regarding sync so a search should tell you how important it is and the best practices.

If there is a CMM on the other tower, you can use an SM registered to the other tower and carry the sync to the two AP’s via the RJ11 port which will put the two towers fairly close to in-sync. SyncPipes are EXACTLY in sync with CMM’s and cost 1/2 or less than an SM.

There is no other canopy equipment nearby.

So an AP may be able to provide sync to another AP but it’s not confirmed?

I confirm. You can pass the sync from the BH slave, SM, or set one AP to generate sync and pass it to up to 4 other radios.

Sweet! :smiley: Good to know.

Thanks everyone.

I think this point is settle since you now know that the sync provided by an AP can be received by the other AP