2 freqs on a 6 sectors cluster. Is it possible with Canopy?

Is it possible with Canopy to use only 2 frequencies on a 6 sector cluster like I’ve found at Aperta: http://apertonet.com/products/two_channels.html ?
Does anybody tried?

I have seen on Canopy manuals that you can have 2 Canopys using the same frequency on the same tower separated each other by 30 mts vertically.

In a 90 mts tower you could have such config. in one frecuency one device on the ground, another on the middle and the top. The same for the other frequency.

Of course this is not recommended but it’s theory.

Why would you do that? Do you have another WIPS in the area using 900MHz?

I suppose you could get away with it with the following considerations

- Definately need a CMM
- Set it up with alternating channels: CH1, CH2, CH1, CH2, CH1, CH2
- Use 906 and 924 to create as much seperation as possible.

I think you would be OK but I have not done it so I cant say for sure. Call Moto, I am sure you are not the first persone to ask this.

Speaking of Moto, I have not seen any posts by Canopy Tech support lateley. Guys, still there?

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Why would you do that? Do you have another WIPS in the area using 900MHz?

We are in a similar situation, and ours is that we are on a 500' tower, have our cluster at 250'. We have customers at 17.5 miles out and customers as close as 2mi.

The AP is at 2450' and the customers at 17.5 miles may be anywhere from 65' to 100' elev, the customers at 2 - 5 miles are at similar elevations.

If you downtilt the AP to service the closer customers you can't reach the farther ones, and vise-versa.

We are considering putting up another cluster a little higher up the tower for the close in customers (more downtilt on those APs) and on the lower cluster putting almost no downtilt in for the 17+ mi customers.

I have 3 900AP’s at 3800 feet. I have no problems hitting 16 miles and 2 miles. Distant customers get connectorized with Yagis and I have to turn down my close in customers. The AP’s are aimed at the horizon.

Coverage patterns of antennas are not sharply defined. The 900Mhz AP antenna has a -3dB vertical coverage of about 30deg above and below the axis. This means that the energy at 30deg is -3db down from the energy on axis. At 40deg, the antenna might be -9dB down, but you are alot closer looking up at the antenna.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
Why would you do that? Do you have another WIPS in the area using 900MHz?

Jerry, here in Russia we have no unlicensed frequencies.
I guess that kaa have got only 2 frequencies from regulator.

2kaa: Theoretically you can use only one frequency, so you'd better try.

I asked this same question and never received a satisfactory reply.

As I am also stuck with 2 channels (paging systems wipe out the top channel), I have decided to deploy 4 - 90 degree sectors (using antennas from MTI).

BTW this is not installed yet.