2 SMs in 1 pole, but different RSSI

hi there, i got this 2 SMs mounted on 1 pole, but i found out they got diferent RSSIs, can you help figure out why?

SM 1:

Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP 0a-00-3e-f1-7b-ba
RSSI 680 (-76 dBm)
Jitter 3
Air Delay 246 (approximately 2.28 miles (12054 feet))

SM 2:

Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP 0a-00-3e-f1-7b-ba
RSSI 941 (-71 dBm)
Jitter 5
Air Delay 246 (approximately 2.28 miles (12054 feet))

do you think there is a problem in any of my SMs??? this is a 5.7Band, reflectorized. please share ideas.

We have exactly same experiences on Canopy 5.7.
Sometimes unit have “strong” radio, sometimes “weak”. It doesn’t matter if it is AP or SM.
It took us a lot of problems when we replaced older APs by Advantage APs.

You should compare the measured power (dBm) instead of the RSSI, but, you’re right, a 5 dBm difference is huge. The reflector seems to make a big different in signal variability, perhaps because of manufacturing variations, but more likely because of alignment, both vertical and horizontal. I’d guess that if you deliberately misaligned the two dishes and realigned them you’d end up with different values, maybe they’d be reversed.

I align the dishes using just the LEDs by finding the points where the signal drops one LED from its maximum – in opposite directions – then move it back to the midpoint. Here’s the order I use:

1. Set vertical alignment to a straight, horizontal beam.
2. Adjust horizontal (side-to-side).
3. Adjust vertical (up-and-down).
4. Verify horizontal.
5. Verify vertical if previous vertical adjustment was significant.

I use a pencil to mark the horizontal pivot, and the factory markings for the vertical pivot.