20 MB BackHauls Downlink

I have been having some issues with a BH 20MB link. I am new to the canopy products. Can someone explain this to me?

Stats for LUID: 2 Test Duration: 2
Downlink RATE: 9232896 bps
Uplink RATE: 4092928 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 83 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 83
Expected Frag Count: 36066
Actual Frag Count: 43118
Uplink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Expected Frag Count: 15988
Actual Frag Count: 15988

Is the 83 percent on the Downlink is that bad? If so could this be do to traffic on this link?

Device Information

Device type 5.7GHz - BackHaul - Timing Slave - 20 MBit - 0a-00-3e-f0-43-99
Software Version CANOPY 7.0.7 Mar 02 2005 15:06:58 BH20-DES
RSSI 1258 (-59 dBm)
Jitter 7
Air Delay 81 (approximately 0.75 miles (3969 feet))

jitter of 7 isn’t good… maybe interference odd with such a short distance

i think when you do a link test it shuts all other traffic off. that’s why it is defaulted to 2 seconds.

A jitter of 6-8 is normal for a 20 MBps BH link running 4-level modulation.


Maybe You have to do a spectrum analysis, and select other channel…