2000 as a PTP slave or SM

We had a couple spare 2000s, so tried to use them for PtP links thinking they would have better noise rejection than a 200. We're seeing that they take at least 3-4 minutes or more to connect. Swap out with a 200 and link comes right up. Haven't tried 4.x, but happens on 3.5.6 and 3.4.1. 

Wonder if anyone else has seen this or if we are doing something wrong.

H...   Well, I don't have a lot of help to add - but we also use ePMP2000's as backhauls in a few places.  As you say, we find them EXCELLENT at regecting nearby interference, and they can transmit most packets on the highest modulation.  And, for us - if we do something like update formware or change fequencies (something which will drop the link) we find that they reconnect quickly - in a normal amount of time.


I would recommend to minimize the scan list on the SM to make it faster. For now we don't make any plans to make improvements on this front.