22.0.1 - Possible Bug

I just upgraded a some sites to 22.0.1 this morning from I had 2 APs that were running 5330 40Mhz & 2.5ms frames. For some reason neither of the APs would take on customers. I rebooted the APs and after the reboot the APs started taking on customers. I thought it was odd that the only 2 sectors running channel 5330 had an issue. I updated about 60 PMP450 Medusa’s this morning with approximately 1000SMs and that’s the only issue I ran into.

This was 450m AP, right? We are aware of a rare issue where some reboots the 450m does not transmit/receive correctly and a reboot fixes the problem. Unfortunately, we don’t have this problem root caused yet, so if it comes up with no SMs connected, try a quick reboot.

Yes sir, out of 60 Medusas the only two that wouldn’t take on customers were on channel 5330 on 40MHz with 2.5ms Frame Periods. I believe it was transmitting channel because you would see a SM try to connect but it wouldn’t register. Now whether or not the EIRP was up to 30 like it should be, I don’t know. Also, it didn’t populate anything in the SM Registration Failures.