2450AP with 2400sms

on our 2450AP we mainly use 2400SMs and we were under the impression from our supplier that we would be able to use all 14mb from the AP, however it seems running all 2400sms the AP did not deliver more than 7MB ag to all of the SM, IE we used 2 SMs (2400s) both 2x factored and both held a download at 2.9mb when test at the same time, shut 1 down and we got 5.8. I expected 5.8 from both radios at the same time but they see to share the same 7mb channel… when we repeat the test with 1 2450sm and 1 2400 sm both radios get about 5.8 MB downlink as I was looking for from the 2 2400s. is this normal or something resent??? maybe just something I never noticed/overlooked until now since we are getting good load against our aps???

we tested the SMs with an actual file transfer, the Link tests say they will run up to 14mb ag but the actual perfomace by our network monitor has never once been higher than 7mb on AP without advantage SM registered. even when we use two unlocked 2400s on the same ap doing a local file transfers.

I am only just starting to read the manuals etc of canopy equipment, most of my experience is with point to point.

I think there is a setting for uplink/downlink ratio which if its like the PTP will be set to 50% each way by default.

2400SMxx= 7Mbps aggregate w/ 14Mbps burst (when connected to an Adv. AP)

2450SMxx= 14Mbps aggregate (when connected to an Adv. AP)

1) Do you have 14+ Mbps going into the AP?
2) What is the AP’s d/l %?
2) Assuming you run your equip. to a switch (CMM, CTM, etc) what kind of speed do you see when your pc is connected? If not then what speeds are you seeing when connected directly to the BH?

Is SM->SM the only testing method you are doing? If so, the maximum speeds will be roughly:

(7 or 14 mbps if Advantage) * (1 - (downlink ratio - 100)) / 2

So say you have advantage radios with a downlink ratio of 75%…

14 Mbps (total avail bw) * 0.25 (percent of bw avail for upload) / 2 (2 SMs, in + out on same AP) = 1.75 Mbps

To a bit more specific with our network:

Our entire PTP network is either gigabit fiber or ptp 600s with average load around 70mb, peak just shy of 100mb so available bandwidth is not the issue.
i have noticed that our 2450APs that only have 2400 SMs attached do not exceed 5.2mb down stream (75% DL) regardless of how many SMs attached, one of them has 36 SMs.

I took 2 2400 SMs and locked to the same AP that was currently idle, did a download test on both, and pulled 2.6mb each. I repeated the test with 1 2400 and 1 2450 and got 5.2 on both.

What I am asking is has the advantage AP always forced 2400 sms to share 7mb and only allow the extra bandwidth on the 2450s

if not what software version did this take affect or does anyone know a work around other than replacing 2400s with 2450s

our 5750 Aps do the same thing

You would have to run a 2450AP and a 2450SM if you are using the classic SM with an advantage AP you are not going to get the 14Mbps.