24ghz ptp

i would like to see some high capacity full duplex ptp in the 24ghz with a backup 2.4ghz link. the radio auto falls back  when the 24 is down due to rain. ubnt has the airfiber 24 and 24hd. they are awesome radios. we all know cambium does it better. so let's have an airfiber of our own (so i can replace my ubnt airfiber) . let's call it ptp 24. code name hyperfiber. feedback?

+1 for me.  But, I'd suggest making it a radios only, so that we can add external antennas if that's possible?  Maybe that's not practical, but we have four AF24's and with the range that they can work in, that's about the only four links we can use them on.  It would be nice to be able to add larger antennas and use them at longer ranges.  We haven't tried the AF24HD - but they are twice as much money for slightly larger antennas. We do also have a couple AF5 and AF5x's.  I'd love to have the whole network Cambium, rather than a mix-match of UBNT and Cambium gear.

I would love to see some kind of "lower end" ptp like AF5x, I know there is ptp 650 and it is great but for small wisps it is to expensive, something in between epmp ptp and ptp 650 like conectorized ptp450 but with higher capacity !

+1 - Whilst i don't use 24GHz spectrum for my clients systems I design, I do have requests for Air Fibre and we sell a bit of it. Would be great to be  able to sell a Cambium product instead.