25 2.4 and 5.7ghz SM lite + 50 7mb floating license for sale

Hi everyone,

I’ve got 25 2.4Ghz sm lites and 25 5.7ghz sm lites with 50 floating 7mb licenses. I’m looking to sell these as I really dislike Prizm and I just wrote my own management software. I would like to sell these and just purchase new regular SM’s. If you’re interested let me know and we can work something out. Looking at about $10,000 per set of 25 with 25 licenses.


Did I miss something?

Considering I can get a 25 pack for less than half that, you might want to adjust your asking price. Although, I cannot recall what the license upgrades run.

Assuming these are NIB units?

Yes. Where are you getting those prices? I would be happy to re-adjust I just didn’t realize how much they dropped in prices since we purchased them I guess. I wish there was a way to turn a floating license into a permanent one. Sigh.

LMG is where I get most of my SMs.

isnt a lite with a license just a standard?
arent lites being phased out?

thatoneguysteve wrote:
isnt a lite with a license just a standard?
arent lites being phased out?

Lites are now discontinued, yes. They will continue to operate fine and with the licenses it just brings them up to a regular 7mb SM. I just don't want to impliment Prizm at all our sites. I've found it to be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth. I've recieved some new pricing detail regarding lites and the licenses so from the information I've recieved if you purchased 25 new sm lites and 25 licenses to bring them up to 7mb is $6175. Based on this new information I'll ask $5500 for 25sm's and licenses. They are brand new in box. I know a lot of you really like the "lite" platform, I'm just wanting to get rid of them and buy non-advantage ones so I don't have to deal with Prizm.

The lites are P9 or P10 ?

There is big diference between them.

Interested in buying P9 lites only !

If you still have them I can give you an good offer.